letters vol.2

VICTORY is mine!
and this makes me feel like

You make me feel bad,
so I do the same to You
but I feel so stupid about it
`cause I know You didn’t mean it that way.
I’m embarrassed and I feel sorry for myself

I have the most vivid conversations with You
…in my head.

Will I ever be able to open up to You?
Not only giving You pieces
but for once in my life actually telling You
what I think and what’s going on in my tiny little brain.
…it won’t stop.

But I know You will say to me to stop thinking so much and to stop being so foolish…
and then I will start to cry, oh how I hate it!
You will take me into Your wonderful arms and You will make me forget.
Now You will never understand.
Everything I was trying to tell You will fade away
…just like my tears.




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