Sometimes I wanna be a little more like You and a little less like me.
I know some crazy person once said: ‚Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.‘ (Kurt Cobain) But it’s just so hard. I guess he found out himself some day…

They say:“At least you could try and focus on the important things, like school, like future …“ But isn’t it better to learn how to live first? `Cause even if I achieved something it won’t last for long. I will find another reason to be down. It might be trying to be even better (which will never happen to work out because there are limits for everything), it might be looking for flaws in my life or myself (if you’re looking long enough you’ll soon find something, for sure!) or I just envy others or pitty myself.

If I was just able to control…, if I was just a little more easygoing.
If I was just able to let go of my thoughts.
Then it would be so much easier to focus, then it would be so much easier to live.
Then I wouldn’t become crazy each time I swallow my emotions and try to find a hiding place somewhere …but I don’t `cause there’s just nowhere to go.
You can’t escape life it just goes on and on and on till you drop dead.




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