letters vol. 4 (exes)

You were great
You got worse
I was free
I got weak

There’s no name
For the game
that we played
Through the year

I don’t want to critizise
Our behaviours
I just want to analyse
So it won’t happen again

There was so much pain
In my heart and in my head
So that I slowly went insane
And cried at night in bed

I needed you more
than was good for me
You had no feelings in store
Or you didn’t let me see

Sadness and madness
Are closest to hate
For you and for me
And for our cheerless state

You couldn’t help
But try your best
To make me feel small
So I never felt
Like I could rest,
There’s no love at all.

I’m sorry I opened my arms
(and legs)
Without thinking about my charms
(you bet!)

I needed someone to hold my hand
But also someone who’d understand
You gave me first but never second
Your love was true but I never felt it.

I don’t regret a thing we did
There wouldn’t be much anyway
We talked about some minor shit
And somewhat kept going astray

You didn’t seem to realize
How far we’d come
There’s never been a real fight
And then I was gone.

You won’t read any of these lines
I might just say
But I wonder if you’ve been knowing me
For all this time.







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