Lonesome company

Doubt’s a disloyal friend
Pretending to prevent you
From something new
But doesn’t want to discuss

Always suspicious
But not in a good way
Wants to ruin every little joy
Doesn’t want to see us

Grabs you when you’re falling
… in love
Cuts off
Feelings and thoughts

Puts ideas into your brainwaves
You get to chew them
Every now and then
Got to have strong hopes

Lying just to keep you worried
A feeling that you got to stop
Every sentiment coming up

And caution is a caring mother
Pampering everyone and everything
I got trapped in her sticky web
Every day she holds a speech
Saying she does all of this for me and only me

When I’m wide awake past midnight
She embraces me, she keeps me warm
But now I fear the cold
She’s steadily singing the words:

‚Don’t you remember oh don’t you remember the decision you made last winter
You promised yourself and you promised me to never ever believe in what you feel
Cause it all just ended in tragedy
You can’t deny it you can’t forget
You suffered enough I’d like to say‘

It’s touching.
But not helping.
I have to discover new hights
If I don’t want to end up inside this cave

The light out there
Gives me hope
And your hand is leading me
Just please don’t let go




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