Ode to S…

(deep feelings for a dear friend)

Trying to do good
She discovers new lows and highs
Of this double edged world
She fights.

She’s a long way from home
Sometimes when she’s time to think
She’s dreaming even more
Can’t keep her freedom
It’s never enough
She knows.

The boys keep running
After her
She loves to be loved
And to fall in love
But love doesn’t follow
And she aint comin‘
She aint stayin‘
She goes.

She keeps writing letters
To old and new friends
To whom she tells her story
‚I’m living my dreams!‘,
She says making them jealous
But after a long days work
She lights up a cigarette
Something’s glowing
on her freckled face…
She cries.

Asking herself where she will be
Next month or next year
Hopefully in another place
Where time keeps flying
And friends are quick to come by
She already hears them laughing
Enjoying the sound
She closes her eyes
Future is a good one
When you’re an open soul
With a kind heart
She’ll never be alone.

But when you ever think of me
– And I know you do, `cause I am –
Then always keep in mind;
Every step we’ll take
Only makes us stronger
In whatever way
And all the friends we’ll make
Whoever they are
It’s not the same
The distance draws us closer
And even though I never told you
You’re the first to know
That I also cry sometimes.




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