Renaissance (the spring and the resurrection)

One day spring told me: `this summer is going to last a million years!‘.
And the sun told me I would learn and I would teach. But most of all I would accept what and more importantly who I am.
Birds told me I could scream on top of my voice without being worried about anyone noticing or being offended. Because noone ever cared for their singing either.
The clouds told me to keep my strong will and that I should use it to go on without stopping.
And the shadows told me it would be okay to hide from time to time because it wouldn’t imply being unable to achieve things but gathering the strength one needs to do good.
The wind told me to take away the heat after an eruption by keeping a steady mind which may review the situation but also may pause and head for a new direction.
The flowers told me to care for myself and to exploit my full potential as it would make me happy and other people too.
The bumblebees told me to go looking for the gold even though it may seem that somebody else took it before me.
And nature taught me to endure pain and a change of season because everything that dies will come back to life.




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