The stuff we’re made of


Is it normal?
This craving for love?

If you wonder
how to stop
Or how to begin…

I have something like a theory
And also it’s my firm belief:

– Nothing’s ever been so complicated
And yet so pure

– A feeling most and least people relate to
Yet it’s nothing to „understand“

– The reason for many decisions
Which might have never been made by common sense

– It’s the fuel to our lives
We look for bonnie & clyde style

– Because we were loved first
We choose to love
But love can also be tough
When it’s twisted and torn
And you can’t see to its core
When all its intentions start to rust

People act out of love
But for whom? And for what?
Mostly it’s for themselves
For their lives and their targets

What kind of love looks beyond all that?
Beyond status and pride
Beyond appearance and hype
Beyond wealth and respect…

It’s when you’re loved despite your flaws
When you don’t have to be afraid
To fail or to reveal your shame
When you don’t have to hide behind bars

There’s power in your weakness
There’s peace in your unending battles
There’s light in your darkness
There’s hope in your desperateness

Someone spoke to wake you up
Someone died to save your life
Someone risked it all for love

Then you find out: you were made to love
So let love rule
And let it shine through everything you do
Make a difference, use the voice you’ve got.





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