letters vol.6 (reprocessing/nothing new)

I’m courious and then again I hate
Would you please suffer so I can have a good nights sleep!
You said you cried
But I don’t taste the salt
It’s sweet like lemonade
And that’s not what I got.
I was close to the mud below my feet
And it didn’t taste good, you know?!
But what did you see? What did you know?
You just watched me break down
You said I didn’t pull me back up well enough
Well, guess what!
With your foot on  my back it wasn’t real‘ easy!
You laughed to my face
And made me crawl through the dirt
Said I was afraid…
Yeah I was!
Not even little
But a great deal.

– Why I didn’t give you a third chance?
Because you don’t deserve my love. –

Now that I’m happier than I could ever be
I begin to realise that I didn’t know who I was
And what I could be
I am strong and mighty
And I want you to know
That all you’d ever get of me
Was a wrecked girl
Too afraid of any company…
And that was just a tiny part of my being.

But I’m just glad I cut off the bonds
I imagined to see
And let my anger dissolve
Into thousands of pieces
That gather like dust
On my memory… .. . .  .   .     .       .          .               .




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