pause to proceed

Oh dear sweetheart,
I am projecting my feelings again
Onto all we had and all we could have had
Onto all the failed lovestories
The pretend passions
The perfect prison
The never asking but yet hoping…

Oh my darling baby,
I am doubting my happiness again
For I like to be on my own
For I feel no „undying love“
The long-lasting learner
The legitimate loneliness
The always trying but ever stumbling…

Oh precious honey,
Don’t you think it’s all a bit odd?
It’s more like a breeze, than a whirling storm
And I’m standing firm, not looking for more
Can you imagine me all alone?
Can you imagine me at all?
It’s going to be different
Yeah, I’m going to be different.

Oh my bright future,
I’ve never been this patient
All the things waiting, the eventualities
But I know it’s worth it
Time doesn’t pressure me
I’m calm in his presence…

I won’t move an inch.




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