why scars are important

Some things feel like being set back to zero.
But actually it’s not about numbers and figures. It’s not about achieving certain scores but about collecting experiences. And it doesn’t matter if you have good ones or bad ones, because they’re all important. Actually the „bad“ experiences will stay in your memory more persistently and these are the ones which will teach you the best lessons.
The lessons you need to learn to move on.

If you only make „good“ decisions and life seems to run flawlessly it might seem like you’re moving forward so quickly. But actually you won’t learn anything and you won’t be prepared for a major cutback or failure or diasappointment. These things will come eventually and when they do you need to be prepared.

So be thankful for each lesson learned. These things won’t break you. Of course it will hurt but every wound can heal if you let it happen. And when you look at your scars you will remember what caused them. Nobody should try to reopen them. Don’t do that.

Don’t feed on your problems, learn from them.




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