About dealing with people

I needed some recources
I still do
Change is neither simple nor easy
It’s a complicated thing
To let go of your defences
To seek the truth,
All of it,
To accept it internally
And to abandon the things you tell yourself each day.

We’re able to interact in whatever ways
We’re adaptable creatures
We don’t need to plan ahead,
We can’t really.

There’s something we need to understand:
We are not the authors
Though we all have our particular story
But all decisions rely on something, on someone
Because we don’t live alone in this world
We really shouldn’t try to ignore people
The moment you chose to fight alone
We get one step closer to World War III.
And you’re the first one to die, believe me.

To deal with people is challenging for sure
But you can’t tell me you want to be „left alone“
Your screens and your mirrows
Your books and your hobbies
Your minds and your bodies
Your ups and your downs
…sure define you
But none of it
will make you feel anything
If there’s noone to share it with.

Your life – my life
is an invitation for others

We’re all someones son or daughter
We’re all someones father or mother
We’re all someones sister or brother
We’re all someones friend or lover.
And it’s time you let someone know.

Stop pretending we all play with an open deck.
Maybe someone you freequently meet
Is in need of just that.





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