By your loving grace [a recap]

Take all the time you need…
Think about your wishes an desires. You can’t fulfill somebody elses dreams.
God is trying to talk to you and oh, he is so patient waiting on you to listen.
You’ll find out when you suddenly realize how clear he made it for you all along.
But you prefered listening to other people and taking on their views and decisions.

Some things are worth fighting for…
And I know this one’s such a worn out cliché.
But in your life you should be doing what you can do and what you love to do.
God is not taking any interest in forcing you into something you hate.

So you can thank God…
For his kindness and his love for you, by showing you a way.
Then try to explain your decisions to your loved ones
– whether they like it, understand it or simply shake their heads.
Take the first step towards a life you can be proud of.
A life God wants to give to you – as a gift.

Also know…
The moment you have a set goal you will be attacked by the devil himself.
But you will be sure of your fathers tender protection.
It won’t be easy and you will have to give up on things you love.
Sometimes it will even seem to you like you made three steps backwards –
Before even preparing for the one step you’ll take forward.
These are the lessons you are in need of learning to take further steps.

In my worst moments…
I couldn’t believe in Gods promise to bring everything to a good end one day.
I was blinded by fear which made me static.
And I kept on worrying, but I never took actions.
My head was filled up and I couldn’t stop thinking.
No I couldn’t stop riding that carousel and I couldn’t jump off it either.

It was only a long time after I turned to few separate people
– to make me heal, trying to make my peace with the person I was and the life I lived –
When I began to realize…
How God still saw, captured and preserved my innermost dreams and desires,
which I had abandoned long ago and almost had forgotten.
Because he suddenly opened a door, which I thought was locked for eternity.
It was a door leading to genuine peace, to happiness – a door leading to Him.

[So thank you God for drawing me closer to you through my suffering,

and by your loving grace.]




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